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Heat Shrink Labels by Gilbreth

Today’s demanding market calls for a label that stands out from the competition. An imaginative, 360-degree full coverage label draws the consumer to your product due to its unique sense of “shelf appeal.” Use your product to sell itself!

Shrink sleeves are available for virtually any container. The shape, size and contour of your container can add even more character to an already visually appealing shrink label. Shrink sleeves can either be manually or machine applied. A dry or steam heat process exposes the film to the exact temperature needed to shrink the label around the contours of the container.

Heat Shrink Sleeve Labels

Shrink sleeve labels are multi-functional and offer many benefits:
  • Imaginative design possibilities
  • 1 to 10 color - top quality rotogravure printing
  • 1 to 7 color – small run flexo printing
  • Single to small run mock ups for test-marketing
  • 360-degree full product coverage or spot designs for product show through – whatever your project needs
  • High-end metallic, pearlescent and fluorescent inks
  • Matte, tactile or rub ‘n smell scented surfaces are available
  • 3 in 1 label solution – front label, back label & TE band all in one
  • One label, one application process
  • Suitable for plastic, glass or even metal containers
  • Label art can be “revised” for seasonal or promotion packaging
  • Perforations - horizontal, vertical, or both can be incorporated into your label
  • Rolls or cut pieces are available – depending on your application
  • Steam or dry heat application
  • Adhesive coating makes the labels stay in place
  • Solves your question - “I want to use a unique shaped container for my product, how will I label it”?
  • Reduce inventory costs - one bottle, limitless label options

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