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Offering a wide range of films for your custom shrink wrap needs

Gilbreth considers each of its suppliers to be partners in our business. We leverage our strong industry relationships to maintain our position as an innovative leader within the shrink sleeve market. We pride ourselves on being the first to evaluate new products. We worked with Eastman and Plastic Suppliers to bring four new films to market over the last several years, including the revolutionary EarthFirst® PLA, a 100% biodegradable corn-based biopolymer shrink film compostable packaging solution.

Shrink sleeve innovation is built in to our business philosophy. Our entire supply chain is an extension of our business and instrumental in delivering a full turnkey solution to our clients. It may be working with our ink suppliers and raw material vendors to bring higher end metallic inks, which mimic the look of stainless steel and polished metal on custom shrink wrap. Or maybe you desire a solution around security where we offer features such as color shifting and taggant inks, to protect and secure your product. We also offer innovative solutions that provide barriers to light, vapors and chemicals. Also, our relationship with label equipment companies is paramount to your success as it relates to grid trials, testing and shrink application.

We offer a variety of shrink sleeve products, including heat shrink tubing, tamper evident bands, promotional shrink wrap, and full body shrink sleeves.