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  • Shrink Sleeve Label News

  • Gibreth Launches First Shrink Film Based On EearthFirst® PLA Film

    Croydon, PA: Responding to customers' concerns about availability and the environmental impact of current materials, Gilbreth, a world leader in shrink labels, has partnered with Plastic Suppliers to develop corn-based polylactic acid (PLA) shrink labels as an alternative to oil-based films.

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  • Light-Blocking Opaque PETG-HY Shrink Film Offers Impressive UV and Visible Light Protection, Meets Sustainability Inititatives and Saves On Cost

    High performance, light-blocking opaque PETG-HY shrink film labels from Gilbreth block up to 99% of visible and UV light to safeguard and extend product shelf life, efficacy and nutritional value.

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Shrink Sleeve Labels Trade Shows

PMMI / Pack Expo 2012

McCormick Place

Chicago, IL

October 28th - 31st

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