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We are a founding member of the Wal-Mart Sustainable Value Network. Gilbreth has completed its Wal-Mart Scorecard.


Our commitment to environmental responsibility has led us to research and develop a variety of ecofriendly packaging options.

We have extensive experience with programs that put the environment first and we support the guidelines set forth by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. Gilbreth is a co-branding partner with Plastic Suppliers in manufacturing EarthFirst® PLA – a corn-based biopolymer product that is made of 100% biodegradable and compostable materials. We embrace eco-friendly initiatives within our company and we deliver sustainable packaging products to help you do the same for your business. We offer options for shrink sleeve sustainability, eco-friendly shrink wrap, and more. Contact us to discuss the sustainable packaging options that are the best fit for your company and product.

Sustainable Shrink Sleeve Film

Shrink sleeves reduce the weight of packaging material, eliminate the use of adhesives and the need for secondary packaging, and optimize shelf space through uniquely designed combo packs. Additionally, Gilbreth’s investment in the development of plant-based renewable EarthFirst® PLA film as a replacement for PVC has resulted in a high quality biodegradable shrink film, reducing the impact to the environment even further.

As consumer products move forward in meeting sustainability goals, shrink labels stand out as an unparalleled resource.

  1. Shrink Sleeves are available in several environmentally friendly sustainable films. A sleeve label can be produced from EarthFirst® PLA shrink film, PETG shrink film (Polyethylene Terephthalate with Glycol), or PETG HY shrink film (micro voided high yield Polyethylene Terephthalate).
  2. Shrink Sleeve films are available in a selection of thickness from 40 to 70 microns.
  3. Lightweight high yield PETG HY shrink films eliminate product carton overwrapping materials needed to protect traditional labels. This permits greater shipping load densities with a corresponding reduction for fuel.
  4. The non-adhesive, heat-shrink application enables fast, easy label removal prior to composting or recycling of sustainable containers. In addition, with no adhesive required for application, there is no residual adhesive left behind after label removal. PET containers with residual adhesive have been known to contaminate PET recycling streams.
  5. Elimination of cartons and overwrap eliminates the subsequent need for collecting, shipping and disposal of waste material and reduces material usage, which in turn also provides a reduction in associated shipping and warehousing costs.

Sustainability at the Gilbreth Plant

After the development of eco friendly shrink sleeve labeling, Gilbreth has made a plant-wide commitment to sustainability. We began the process by encouraging our customers to switch from traditional PVC shrink film to our sustainable EarthFirst® PLA option. We then conducted a full plant evaluation to determine where we could cut down on energy and resource consumption, from our materials inventory to the products used in manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping.

Gilbreth’s sustainability team recommended and implemented a variety of environmentally responsible “green” practices. Improved waste management has allowed Gilbreth to send less waste to landfills and reduced waste pick-up and landfill charges. Other measures, such as using off-spec film for set-ups and changing to larger size ink and extender tote containers, and adjusting housekeeping processes throughout the plant required simple changes that yielded important savings.

An energy audit yielded areas in which energy usage could be reduced. Gilbreth installed air curtains on all shipping and receiving bay doors, upgraded interior lighting and mounted automatic thermostat controls. This resulted in less energy consumption and a reduction in Gilbreth’s carbon footprint.

Our objective is to reduce waste in both the production of shrink film and to minimize the environmental impact of our shrink sleeve labels so that we can all live in a cleaner, healthier planet while remaining committed to the success of our business and yours. Check out our full line of shrink sleeve products and see for yourself.