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Gilbreth is an eco-friendly company and recognizes that the shrink sleeve marketplace needs sustainable packaging solutions. As a result, we have developed several biodegradable packaging products including EarthFirst®.

Eco Friendly Shrink Film

When EarthFirst® was introduced to Gilbreth; it was not a marketable film. It had technical, handling and application issues that needed to be addressed. Gilbreth worked closely with Plastic Suppliers and customers to develop an eco-friendly shrink film solution. EarthFirst® PLA is the perfect solution for a green packaging solution. In most cases, it is an easy replacement for PVC and PETG petrol-based films. Gilbreth offers a wide range of films for your shrink
label needs.

(Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • Least expensive film
  • Shrink up to 62%
  • Ease of conversion
Polyester (Polyethylene Terephthalate with Glycol)
  • High clarity
  • Shrink up to 75%
  • Chemical resistance
  • Recyclable
  • Less MD growth than PVC
(low shrink force, versatile shrink curve) - new generation of PET resins advantages over standard PETG:
  • Machine direction growth (no smiling or frowning)
  • Versatile curves (imitate PVC or OPS curves)
  • Low shrink force (no crushing of empty containers)
  • Softer, better for squeezable applications
  • Equal stability and durability relative to standard PETG
  • Cost savings: decreased cut length due to MD growth
(opaque white micro-voided PETG)
  • Up to 70% shrink
  • Opaque white (can block UV and visible light)
  • Matte appearance
  • Reduced yield/weight
  • Machine direction growth
  • Breathable
  • Environmentally friendly
EarthFirst® Ingeo® PLA
(Poly Lactic Acid – Corn based biopolymer)
  • Shrink up to 78%
  • High clarity
  • Less machine direction shrink
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Annually renewable resource
  • Lower activation temperature
  • ASTM 6400 certified compostable
(Oriented Polystyrene)
  • Up to 70% shrink
  • Greater acceptance in Japan & Europe
  • Perceived as environmentally friendly
  • Machine direction shrink growth
Hybrid Films

We are currently evaluating films made from combinations of PETG/OPS and PET/PLA. This will result in better conversion while still reducing the amount of petroleum based films.


Shrink Film Technical Data Sheets

  • Regular PVC Data Sheet

    Gilbreth PVC shrink sleeves are an inexpensive plastic film designed to shrink up to 55% in the transverse direction. PVC sleeves provide a 360º durable finish with gloss and excellent printability. PVC seamless tubing is
    also available.

  • Gilbreth High Shrink PVC Shrink sleeves

    are clear plastic film designed to shrink up to 62% in the transverse direction.

  • Gilbreth PETG LV Shrink Sleeves

    are clear plastic film designed to shrink up to 75% in the transverse direction. PETG LV sleeves provide a 360º bright durable finish surface with excellent printability. PETG LV is a versatile system allowing the curve to be matched to the applications needs. The PETG LV has minimal MD shrink with a reduction on frowning or pull-up on strait
    walled products.

  • Gilbreth EarthFirst® PLA Shrink Sleeves

    are made of compostable, clear plastic film derived from an annually renewable resource: corn. EarthFirst® shrink sleeves labels have excellent clarity, printability and superior scuff resistance. Gilbreth shrink sleeves manufactured using EarthFirst® films shrink at substantially lower temperatures allowing customers to enjoy energy consumption savings while also increasing productivity.

  • Shrink Film Comparison Graph