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Gilbreth's primary focus is providing our customers with innovative shrink wrap packaging solutions. For over 40 years, we’ve been fine tuning the production of our shrink films and investing in the development of eco friendly packaging materials. Our high performing shrink films, which can shrink up to 76% of their original size, allow for greater creative freedom to visually brand your product with unique container shapes and full body, photograph-quality graphics on a wrap-around label. The result is an eye-catching, dynamic brand presentation that sets your product apart from others. With every second the consumer’s eye lingers on your product label, your chances for a sale and increased market share improve.


Consider the advantages you gain from Gilbreth’s shrink sleeve labels:


  1. Visual Branding. Shrink sleeves can be custom printed with full color photographic images that wrap 360 degrees around the entire container. Without the space limitations of conventional labels, shrink sleeve labels allow for greater creativity in presenting brand identity, specialty promotions and product information. Revitalize an old brand by showing consumers that a product they thought they knew is worth another try.
  2. Security Seal. A full body shrink sleeve can also perform as a tamper evident security seal on a product container, eliminating the need and the expense of multiple labels and packaging processes.
  3. Consumer Confidence. Add an extra layer of confidence in your product by using the inherent transparency of shrink film to create a clear, unprinted window section that allows consumers to view the contents inside the package.
  4. Durability. Shrink sleeve labels are reverse printed on transparent shrink film, sealing the inks safely behind 40-70 microns of clear film. This means your graphics are protected from the scuffing, marring, or tearing traditional labels are exposed to during transport or while on the store shelves, ensuring your product packaging goes to market in pristine condition.
  5. Sustainability. Shrink Sleeves are available in several environmentally friendly shrink films, including the fully biodegradable EarthFirst® PLA, or polylactic acid, a corn based biopolymer. Market your product as sustainable and appeal to an ever more environmentally conscious public.

Flexible Shrink Sleeve Solutions

Gilbreth offers flexible inventory management programs - make and hold or just in time delivery. We are vertically integrated with our vendors to ensure access to all of the raw materials needed to produce high quality products in a timely fashion.

Shrink Sleeve Labels Technology

Gilbreth offers a wide range of film materials to support any budget and use of shrink labels; from PETG, PETG LV (a new generation of PET resins), to environmentally friendly EarthFirst® PLA and OPS.

"Working with Gilbreth makes my job easier! Each step of the way their team is very detail oriented,
easy to work with and produces a high-quality, good looking product."

- Jason Engle, Little Kids Inc.